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WingFan - Modular Fan Impellers

WingFan - Modular Fan Impellers
View Our Products... WingFan - Modular Fan Impellers
WingFan - Modular Fan Impellers
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WingFan Africa are the local representatives for WingFan from Germany, the most innovative manufacturer of modular fan impellers. WingFan’s inception goes back to 1928 which shows the long history of technical expertise that was transferred from generation to generation.

The WingFan product range is suitable for industrial applications of axial fan impellers ranging from 200 mm to 2000 mm in diameter. This is a fast growing product range, driven by customer requirements, with innovative new products for special applications of axial fans arriving in the market on a regular basis. The WingFan impellers are on the forefront of the latest developments of cooling systems for vehicles and stationary equipment to cope with the latest European exhaust and noise emission standards.

An excellent selection program “SELECT” is available to customers in order to assist with the optimization of air movement applications.

WingFan axial impellers have been used on heavy duty military installations to replace OEM engine fan impellers which showed fatigue type reliability problems, for example cracking of both the hubs and fan blades, under severe operating conditions.

WingFan Africa is strategically situated in Irene on the R21 highway, between Pretoria and the Johannesburg International Airport. We provide fan impellers to various OEMs in South Africa and provide an emergency service to customers with breakdowns. This means, if required, we can supply an impeller within an hour. If a fan impeller hub needs machining for a special spigot diameter or for a specific bolt circle, we do this in house on our milling machine.

Applications for WingFan axial fans: