Product Range

WingFan Africa CC is the sole distributor for WingFan Ltd. & Co. KG in Africa. WingFan Ltd. & Co. KG is one of the biggest suppliers of modular fans in the world with a presence on all continents. We have a range of fans from 3 blades to 16 blades and from ø300 to ø2000 with 4 separate ranges.

These are the "H" range for smaller applications, the "Z" range for heavier duty applications, the "Y" range for heavy duty and the "T" range for applications up to ø2000.

Below some of the applications normally used for:

Truck Fans
Hovercraft Fans
Aluminium Fans
Nylon Fans
Modular Fans
Modular Impellers
Pusher Fans
Ventilation Fans
Aerofoil Blades
Fan Hubs
Sickle Blade