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Our quick response and reliability of our products

Smart Fan Technology World-Class Service

Fans with clutches control fan speed depending to the real cooling demand while reducing cyclic fan noise and improving fuel economy.

Smart Technology, High Performance

The most innovative manufacturer of modular fan impellers.


Any Application, Any Size

The WingFan product range is suitable for industrial applications of axial fan impellers ranging from 173 mm to 2144 mm in diameter.

We are always Improving

WingFan is known as the market leader of innovative fans used in cooling of combustion engines and air requirements of HVAC / Refrigeration applications.


fast Assistance for emergencies

For emergency cases, we can deliver a replacement impeller in less than one day. In certain cases, this could be one hour.

WingFan Africa is the local representative for WingFan Germany, the most innovative manufacturer of modular fan impellers worldwide.

WingFan was established in 1928 and has continually refined their technical expertise since.

Our Products

WingFan offers axial fans for any possible application. We have the fan solution for applications in the HVAC industry, mobile and stationary engine cooling, livestock ventilation, cooling towers and earth moving equipment to name a few. Our German engineered blade profiles are wind tunnel tested and CFD simulated to converge at optimal designs, for the most efficient energy usage. The WingFan SELECT 3D impeller selection software is based on wind tunnel testing where the fans are mounted practically, making our data more realistic than our contemporaries.

Applications for WingFan Axial Fans

Harvesters / Tractors / Crop Sprayers

Earth Movers

Engine Driven Pump Sets


Construction vehicles

Railway Applications



Mining Applications

Generating Sets

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